Man jailed for cheating people with fake coronavirus cure


Scientists allover the world have been striving to find a medicine that can cure coronavirus infection or vaccine that can block infection. At the same time, there are people who try to encash the situation to their advantage by making others believe that they have a medicine to specifically heal this condition.

A person who was found dispensing drops to the people by making them believe that it can stop coronavirus infection at Davanagere has been arrested by the officials. The clinic in question was sealed by the officials.

Satyasai Homeopathy Clinic is being run in a room in the comopund of Ishwaramma school at P J Extension here. A poster that has been pasted outside the clinic announces that medicine that has the potential of blocking coronavirus infection is available there.

The people who read this poster gleefully rushed to the clinic under the belief that their worry over this pandemic was addressed. Those who visited the clinic were administered with the drops of a medicine named Arsenic Alba 30.

The people informed officials of AYUSH department about this development after which the officials visited the clinic and conducted checks. They found that the person running the clinic did not have KPME licence and was administering drops to the people illegally without the permission of the district health officer.

The clinic is in the name of Dr Shobharani but the staff at the clinic had administered the drops to the people in her absence. As per procedure, these drops can be given only after examining the current health condition of the people. As hundreds of people came together and drops were illegally administered in the absence of the doctor, the AYUSH officials have sealed the clinic.

The officials have warned the doctor and her staff who administered the drops of legal action.

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