Man gets his house lifted, placed elsewhere with new technology


A man had built his house through hard work, spending lacs of rupees. It was his prized possession. But within five years of building the house he had to face a great obstacle. National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) acquired his land for constructing bypass road for Bengaluru-Mysuru highway. The NHAI had given compensation and had asked him to vacate his house as they had to demolish it. However, the owner of the house had so much love on his house, he resorted to save it at all costs. What happened later was just amazing.

People of the locality where this house is situated were awestruck as a complete house was being lifted with the help of lifting jacks. The area is Konanahalli of Mandya taluk. Mallikarjun, owner of the house, is spending lacs of rupees to lift the house and place it somewhere else.

When Mallikarjun, owner of the house, came to know that his land will be acquired by NHAI for road development he was devastated as he loved his home, which was built just five years ago, very much. In addition, he also came to know that it is much cheaper to get the already built house shifted to somewhere else than constructing a new house altogether. So he searched on social media for the address details of people who shift houses. Now he has got hold of them and is getting his dream house shifted and believes that he can still live in the same house that he constructed five years ago.

Two years ago, a traditional medicine house of Tipu’s era was shifted at Srirangpatna using the same technique. But for that machines and technology was used. But this team from Haryana are shifting the house without the help any machine. They are shifting the house by using only Jack, bearing, plates and beams and first drawing it back to a distance of 40 feet.

Giving details of the technology, Civil Engineer of the team said, “Without using any technology, only through civil work, we are getting this house shifted. The shifting of the house will get over in another month. If everything goes well, this house will have the record of the first house that was shifted as it is to some other location.

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