Loop construction project in Hebbal orphan

The construction work of a loop that has been taken to reduce the traffic on the upper road in Hebbal junction is orphaned.

The direct linkage to Kempegowda airport was driven by the BDA loop construction two years ago to eliminate the traffic problem, but the lack of money has gone down. Though the decision was taken by the state government to take over the BBMP, the auto riders will be able to experience eternal hell without implementing the process.

The current budget of Rs 195 crore was set for the construction of additional Loop and Underpass at GRPuram Junction, Gorugentepalya, Hebbal Junction. The amount plan is published. The BBMP has a preliminary meeting to implement these three works. Bangalore Development Minister, DCM Dr G Parameshwara, also instructed the officials to take up the loop construction of Hebbal, which has been housed as the first priority. The BBMP has not been interested in taking up the task despite this notice.

Loop construction and other works at Hebbal junction totaled Rs 78 crore Cost was taken up. An additional loop work is being constructed on the way to the city starting from Holly Miley Road. Currently concrete pillars have been built and the work is in semi-permanent state. BDA had written a few months back to the mandate for handing over the project to a lack of money. Authorities have told the Vikas that they have not yet been equipped with the corporation.

It is the responsibility of the government to implement it after announcing a plan in the budget. Order or instruction regarding the implementation of the project by the relevant department, by the organization. Already in the DCM metropolitan government heads’ heads meeting, however, has not been explicitly implemented by the authorities. The public sector has raised questions about why this program was designed to benefit people.

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