Let the elect respond to the problems of the people: VS Ugrappa


Former MP VS Ugrappa said the elected members of the town panchayat should respond to the problems of the people.
Speaking at a congratulatory function held at the office of MLA Anand Singh on Sunday, the newly elected Congress members who won the Kamalapur town panchayat elections, addressed the issue. So the elected 17 members must address those issues. He added that the party should increase the charisma.

There is instability in the state. Forgetting party loyalty. Grama, TMP, GP and MLAs are defending immediately. Don’t betray the party. He said that Hampi taught him the wisdom of Virupaksha.

Anarchy in the Northern Territory:

A case has been registered against journalists who criticized the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s move on social networking sites. It is a move to suppress freedom of expression. Also, a seven-year-old girl in the same state has been raped and murdered. Anarchy is created in that state. BJP talks about Pulwama attack. The CRPF’s five martyrs were held yesterday. The BJP members were outraged that they had not responded.

Libra is not developed by:

Narendra Modi will not be able to grow up and move to the temple. The Tungabhadra reservoir is 33 feet high. This has resulted in a decline in water storage capacity. Water is being discharged every 15 days in Bellary despite the reservoir. To shine requires Rs 12,500 crore and 65 thousand acres to put in sage. The same would require Rs 9,000 crore to construct a parallel reservoir. Last year, 193 TMC water was drained. He urged the central government to take a proper decision to save the reservoir.

The Central Government appoints the Chairman of the Tungabhadra Reservoir Board. If there is a law that the board should not have a president and secretaries of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the matter will be fought over. A sub-committee was constituted on the sale of Jindal’s land. Also, there is no clarity about selling. The government and Jindal have not issued a statement on land sale. So no statement on this. MLA Ananda Singh’s own opinion. Responding to a question, he said that everyone has the freedom to fight. Leader Sandeep Singh addressed the gathering. Girish Karnad died a minute before the event. The elected members of the Kamalapur town panchayat were felicitated.

BV Shivayogi, District unit of the Congress Rural District Committee, T Rafeeq of the President of the Block, Amazi Hemanna, HNF Imam Niazi, L Siddanagouda, Ayyali Thimmappa, Gujjala Raghu, Weeraswamy, Dai. Venkataramana, Uddannappa, K. Muktiyara Pasha, Nimbagal Ramakrishna, N. Venkatesha and V. Somappa were among others.

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