Lemon rate rises as summer approaches


Lemon juice, which is a hot spring, is expensive for consumers due to price rise.
In addition to the hot spring, the festival of karaka, jatra, town hall and festivals are also approached by the Sri Ramanavami Festival.

Lemon drink is also great for rejuvenating by hot temperatures. So, the demand for lemon has increased and the lemon rises to Rs. 5-6 for a couple of lemons.

“The market is getting lime from different cities, including the Bijapur, but it does not look at the prospect of sunshine due to sunburn,” said traders. 4 to 5 rupees at a wholesale price. But retail prices are gone to 5 to 6, depending on the size of the lemon. At Ramanavami, each piece is likely to be between Rs 7 and Rs 8, “said Ravi, chairman of the Vegetable and Fruit Wholesaler Association of Kalasipalya.

The use of lemon juice for energy gods is used for religious practice. Likewise, guests and elite are welcomed with lemon juice at the wedding, house and house ceremonies. In addition to the Lok Sabha polls, there is also a provision of lemon juice for the people. This has led to the demand for lemonade for my reasons.

“Lemon juice will be demanded throughout the year. However, the rate is not high throughout the year. It’s just a summer. We do not have the opportunity to pick it up from the market. But buyers ask for 5-6 to buy four if the fruit is small. Or looking for a great deal. No further fruit can be kept in the summer any more. So it’s just enough to get the principal, “says the retailer Sarojamma.

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