Law-breakers of ban on plastic, banners, flex will face severe consequences

 The District Commissioner, G Jagadeesha has been reinforcing the ban of plastic, banners and flex in the district. The initial fine is of Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000 the second time and severe punishment to all those manufacturing, using and distributing plastic. The DC has also sent a notice to every panchayat to strictly follow the rule to eliminate plastic in the district, but to what extent will the District Commissioner be successful in his move is to be seen.

Plastic is eliminated in shops and stores to an extent, but the number of flex banners and hoardings are repeatedly increasing day by day. Advertisers are making utmost use of banners and flex in the main parts of Udupi city itself. As the festive season, Deepavali is approaching, more and more banners are likely to be seen almost everywhere in the city. Eye-catching captions like getting 50% off, buy 1 get 1 free and many more creative offers and taglines are put out in the form of banners and hoardings.

Even though the District Commissioner has repeatedly mentioned ban on plastic items, it looks like flex and banner manufacturers have not taken his orders seriously nor have the brands and the companies either. A few new startups and brands have opted for online advertisements as well as web and newspaper advertisements. They are in favour of the ban on plastics. It would be unfair on these people if banners and hoardings are not removed soon. People can also view a hoarding of the central government on gas facility which is displayed at a great height and in a wide space in Udupi. The District Commissioner must ensure strict action is taken against this. Only then will people step back from these activities.

Helmet rule made compulsory by the government was hardly followed, but today a huge fine is imposed on the people who do not wear it. Nowadays almost everyone is seen following the rule made by the government. Similarly, strict action needs to be taken against the flex manufacturers as well as the brands which are opting for outdoor advertisements in the form of banned flex and banners.

Many illegal banners are seen in the premises of Udupi city. The district administration must ensure that the banners and hoardings are removed immediately and stern action taken against the manufacturers as well as the brands and company opting for banner and hoarding advertisements.

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