Lata Mangeshkar advises Ranu Mondal to ‘be original’

Ranu Mondal became a sensation across the internet when a video of her singing Ek pyaar ka nagma hai at the Ranaghat railway platform went viral. After the video went viral, Ranu was compared as veteran singer and melody queen Lata Mangeskhar. Many even called her the new Lata Mangeshkar. However, it seems the melody queen is not quite happy with Ranu and the comparison. In a statement the nation’s nightingale, said, “Agar mere naam aur kaam se kissiko bhala hota hai toh main apne-aap ko khush-kismat samajhti hoon (If anyone gets benefited from my name and work then I feel fortunate). But I also feel imitation is not a reliable and durable companion for success. By singing my songs or Kishoreda’s (Kumar), or (Mohd) Rafi Saab’s, or Mukesh Bhaiyya or Asha’s (Bhosle) numbers, aspiring singers can get short-term attention. But it won’t last.”

She also gave advice to aspiring singers by saying, “Be original. By all means sing the evergreen songs by me and my colleagues. But after a point the singer must seek and find his or her own song.” Giving an example of her own sister she further added, “If Asha (Bhosle) had not insisted on singing in her own style she would have remained in my shadow forever. She is the biggest example of how far individuality can take one’s talent to.”

And now, Lataji’s reaction to Ranu Mondal has disappointed many fans and social media users, who feel the legendary singer, could have been “more gracious”.

“Such a superstar and so ungracious,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“A poor lady sang on a railway platform for a living. #RanuMondal’s voice was miraculously noticed by SM and she became a star. Inspiring Lata ji could have been more gracious, complimented and helped her. This lecture on “imitation” was avoidable,” another user said.

A user “disagreed” with Mangeshkar and called her “a bit harsh”, while another said that this could have been taken in “true spirits by a senior artist like Lataji”.

Mondal, who has now recorded three tracks for singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya, who saw on the sets of Superstar Singer. Reportedly Salman Khan has asked her to sing for Dabangg 3 as well.

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