Lalbagh to get 100 recharge wells

The recent success of the recharge wells being built at Cubbon Park, officials involved in the program are looking to expand it to the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Officials are planning to excavate nearly 100 recharge wells to capture rainwater from the upcoming monsoons.

“The recharge wells at Cubbon Park are proving to be a boon, and we can see great results. The same project was done two years ago, and back then too, the results were good,” said Dr Yellappa Reddy, chairman of Lalbagh and Cubbon Park Committee.

The work is being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bangalore and the work is expected to commence soon. “For now, Rotary Club is open to the idea and will provide funds for the recharge wells, although the final estimate of all the 100 recharge wells is not out yet,” Reddy said.

An ever decreasing groundwater table and water shortages are said to be the main reason behind installing recharge wells. “We should go back to the use of traditional methods. Earlier, recharge wells would be constructed to retain underground water and water was available at 20-30 ft. Now, even if a check is done at a depth of 200 feet, water cannot be found as it is exhausted. By creating these recharge wells, we can reduce our dependency on Cauvery river water,” Reddy said.

The 100 recharge wells here will be 15 feet deep. “The plan is already on, and experts like Yellappa Reddy are heading it. Reddy is doing a survey in certain places and will follow it up with the project,” said Dr M Jagadeesh, joint director of Lalbagh Botanical Garden horticulture department. As a pilot, a recharge well was dug at a depth of 15 feet and following the past week’s rains, the well has filled up to its maximum depth.

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