Lakes raked by lack of rain

The effect of monsoon on the capital is that most of the lakes are running out of water. Groundwater levels have also fallen due to lack of rain.

The city had to drain into the lakes by July. However, the effect of rainfall is on the water level of the lakes. As of June 12, the routine was 37mm. It had to rain. The rain had fallen and was about 12mm. Only. The lack of expected rainfall during the month of June has also caused the lakes to collapse. If rain falls in August this time the city’s lakes will be dry without water, year-on-year.

There are currently 168 lakes in the BBMP Super. BDA-32, Forest Department-9 and BMRCL are in charge of a lake. Most of these 210 lakes were flooded last year. In some, the waste water was filled, but the water was consoled. In this line, a contrary position has been found.

“The recovery of water in about 20 lakes has reduced the water level. This is another reason for the low water level in the lakes, ” a police official said.

“More rain is expected by the end of July. August also brings good rainfall to the lakes. Besides, fresh water will not be emptied as fresh water is being treated in the lake, ” the forest conservator of Palike said.

Some civic organizations have objected to the authorities’ argument. “The water in the city’s lakes has been emptied in the name of restoration. The treated water is not returned to the lake. How can the lakes be able to drain into the rainy season if the sprinklers and civil works are delayed? Work on the lakes had to be completed by the rainy season, ”

Groundwater level was puzzled at risk of collapsing

in the city this year is lower than the pre-monsoon rainfall. It is not raining to let the water splash in the monsoon. If rainfall occurs in August and September, groundwater levels are at risk. Already, in some areas, a thousand feet of water is being dug, but no water is available. Many pipes were drained last summer. Hydrologists warn that such conditions can worsen the situation. The people and the Water Board have advised to take precautionary measures.

Again ignoring the pressing clearance

More than 50 lakes in the city have not been settled. The sheriff’s promise of clearing so much pressure every year is false. The BBMP is not clearing the pressure on the development of its existing lakes. Saraki Lake can be given as an example. Citizens object to the evacuation elsewhere.

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