Kumaraswamy predicts that NaMo won’t come to power


Predicting that Narendra Modi, will fail to steer his party the seat of power at the Center, Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy said here on Thursday that “Standing in the street and chanting Modi mantra by the BJP workers”, will not help the party to retain power.

Addressing a joint rally of the Congress and the JD(S), during the filing of the nomination of the JD(S) candidate Anand Asnotikar here today, Chief Minister said that “People are wise enough to assess who will do good for the country by ousting the BJP”.

Charging that the BJP candidate for the Uttara Kannada Lok Sabha seat Ananthakumar Hegde always indulged in dividing the society into caste community lines, he said that “Hegde is speaking on changing the Constitution, which is the only instrument to protect the vulnerable sections in the society”.

“Hegde who is always known for bad-mouthing his opponents and did nothing for the welfare of the Uttara Kannada district, who had elected him many times”, he said.

Chief Minister, who had made a promise to the people of the district to solve the encroachment of forest issue, tendered an apology for not making any progress to implement the programs initiated by the previous Congress government.

“The continued efforts from the BJP leaders to topple his government also should be blamed for not implementing the promise”, he said.

While several Congress leaders were present during the event, the absence of Revenue minister R V Deshpande and Water Resources minister D K Shivakumar, however, did not present on the occasion reflected on how, still, the two coalition party leaders are not wholeheartedly involving themselves to defeat the BJP.

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