Krishna, Milana to have a special mantap in the middle of a pool

With a little over a month left for their wedding, Sandalwood’s newest heartthrobs Darling Krishna and Milana Nagaraj are busy with the preparations. Krishna and Milana have taken it upon themselves to personally invite each and every one of their invitees. The couple has been calling on their friends and colleagues and inviting them in person by visiting them. The couple is using their days off from shooting for this. “We think it is only fair that we meet everyone in person as it brings that personal touch, as our wedding is special and a once in a lifetime event for us,” says Krishna.

While the couple had announced that they are having a Valentine’s Day wedding earlier, Krishna adds that the nuptials will be conducted at an early morning muhurta on February 14, with a reception in the evening. “Since Milana is a swimmer, I wanted to do something special for her. The mantap will be in the middle of the pool, which is my gift for her. I want to ensure that our wedding day is special in every single way for her,” says Krishna.

The couple has also lined up a special treat for fans. “We will be releasing the first song from Love Mocktail 2 on this day. The lyrical video will be played out at our wedding, and released online for fans,” says Krishna.

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