KIA to get a Body scanner

Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) is set to become the first airport in the country to offer security checks to passengers through a body scanner.

Tests have begun on July 1 on the operation and logistics of the body scanner. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry has issued a deadline for security inspections at the KIA to be carried out through a body scanner by April 2020. Thus, preparations for adoption have begun.

There will be tests on body scanner installation and logistics for about a month. The company, which is to be installed, is under inspection by staff at the Center for Industrial Inspection (CISF). The passenger should go and stand between the two glasses. The whole body is then scanned. If all kinds of metal, drugs, and incendiary materials including iron, steel, etc. are easily detected. Even small objects can be detected by scanning. Body Scanner is already in use at many airports abroad. An airport official told ‘Vijay Karnataka’ that if a body scanner was installed; there would be no question of security personnel touching passengers for inspection.

Inside the door is now inspected by a metal detector machine door in two stages, including the terminal access and the inside security holding area. CISF personnel also inspect the hand-held metal detector. The men and women are then frisking with the hands and feet of the body separately. Travelers may refuse to undergo a body scanning inspection. However, they have to undergo a full pat down search.

Last year, the Civil Aviation Ministry had directed the inspection of body scanners at three airports in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Amritsar, Hyderabad and Jammu and Kashmir.

Body scanning technology for pregnant women has no effect on passenger health. Modern technology, unhealthy international grade scanners are used. Pregnant women, people with heart disease and wheelchair dependents are exempt from the Body Scanner. However, they will be subjected to frisking as usual, a KIA official said.

The Body Scanner Security Inspection System is being tested using Millimeter Wave technology in accordance with the rules set by the Bureau of Civil Aviation (BCAS). KIA officials said there was no problem when pregnant women and those who had heartmaker implants were also inspected.

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