KFI producers file stay order against digital and satellite channels

The Karnataka Film Producers’ Association held a press conference to announce that they have officially sought a stay order to protect the interests of some of their members from their films being exploited by third party brokers online. A stay order that had multiple producers citing the breach of Intellectual Property Rights has been sent to around 32 different players – both television and digital for telecasting either parts or whole of films that they do not have rights to. CM Dhananjay from Dhananjay Associates, who is representing the KFPA, says, “We have got a list of producers who have not sold their films to any of these people, but are finding their films being screened on multiple platforms without permission. We have got a stay order for these parties.”

The gathering saw many producers from the film industry meet united at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, where they all addressed the media about the irregularities that they are seeing and are seeking justice to the wronged producers.

Veteran producer SV Rajendra Singh Babu says, “We want to ensure that all the illegal brokering of content one sees across mediums is stopped and producers get a share of the money that is rightfully theirs.”

Producer K Manju, who was also at the press meet, says, “I have no such case personally, but we need to ensure any illegal activities will no longer happen and this meet is for the same.”

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