Keep vigil on criminals: CM tells police

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday called upon police to prevent crime in their respective police station limits by keeping a vigil on those indulging in criminal activities.

The chief minister has also emphasized the need to have a good rapport with public by organising public contact programmes. “Police department is an important wing of the government. The police have to work honestly and efficiently to ensure people live in peace. The police need patience and intelligence to work effectively in society,’’ the chief minister said.

The chief minister was speaking at function organized to celebrate Police Flag Day at Koramangala Parade Ground after distributing medals for police officers and constables. “Police have to work efficiently to ensure peace for safety in society. There will be criminals as well as good citizens in society. To provide protection to good citizens is the responsibility of police. The police have to keep a vigil on those who indulge in anti-social activities such as murder, robbery, extortion and dacoity. The police have to prevent the crime by keeping a vigil on anti-social elements,’’ the chief minister said.

He said the information and data on anti-social elements would be available at every police station. “I want the police to keep a vigil on such anti-social elements. Investigation is one of the main functions of police when a crime takes place but prevention of crime is very important,’’ he said.

The Police Flag Day is being celebrated since 1952 when the Police Act was enacted and Chief Minister’s Medals were being distributed for the best police officers and policemen since 1952. Those who work honestly and sincerely were being felicitated with the Chief Minister’s Medals. This year 117 police officials and policemen were honoured with the Chief Minister’s Medals. “The police have to work in difficult situations. They also have to work with lot of patience and courage. Getting felicitated with medals makes them happy. It will increase their responsibility It will encourage them to work with more responsibility,’’ he said.

The chief minister said that it would not be apt to treat all police officers and policemen as bad since there are many able and efficient police officers and policemen in Karnataka. “The police have succeeded in arresting the ATM attacker, solved the case of alleged sexual assault between brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The police have also worked hard to prove some of the alleged sexual assault cases as false. These successful cases will improve confidence level among the policemen,’’ he said.




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