Katrina not sure of promoting Jagga Jasoos with Ranbir

It has been a year since Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor called off their relationship. However, are things better between them or are there wounds that still need to be mended? While questions like these hover around our heads, the duo are keeping all their differences around and shooting Jagga Jasoos for Anurag Basu. The film has been delayed so much that the hype may have died down quite a lot. But we’ve been promised by Rk Jr that the film will definitely release on July 14. Does that mean the couple will start promoting the movie together? There’s still uncertainty there. So far it was Ranbir who addressed the press regarding this. Now Kat has spoken up and reacted to whether she will promote the film with her exflame or will they go their separate ways here too.

“At least a hundred stories about Jagga Jasoos must have come out, but probably 99% of them aren’t true. As of now, I don’t know the marketing plans of the producers or distributors of the film. Whenever they share that plan with me, and since it’s my own film, I will be happy to do whatever they feel is good for it,” says Katrina to Hindustan Times, in her interview. That says quite a lot. They may not be getting back together but they sure are professionals and wouldn’t let personal matters come in the way of work.

Speaking of the film, Katrina had only but praises for the journey that makes Jagga Jasoos a very special film for her. In her interview, she further added, “There have been parts of the journey where everyone who is a part of it has wondered how and what is going to come. But there has always been an underlying sense that this is going to come together and become something special. Obviously, the results are not in our hands, and we can’t predict it, but I feel we went through this for a reason. Maybe there was no other way.”




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