Katrina kaif reveals how she has managed to remain friends with her exes Salman khan & Ranbir kapoor

These days, Katrina Kaif is busy with the promotions with her upcoming film ‘Bharat’ which stars Salman Khan. On the personal front, the actress is quite tight-lipped about her relationship status though she has been linked with Vicky Kaushal off late. In the past, Katrina was reportedly in a relationship with Salman. After they broke up, she was dating Ranbir until they called it quits in 2016. Recently in an interview with Filmfare magazine, Katrina revealed if she’s still friends with her exes Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor and if her failed relationships have left her cynical.

“You have to respect anyone, who has been in your life in the past. You’ve shared something with that person and you respect that. Also, holding onto past bitterness weighs you down. Life can be difficult enough; it can be trying enough on its own. Life’s going to bring obstacles and tough times, ups and downs.”

The actress further added, “I’d rather go through the journey with a light backpack than a heavy suitcase of grudges and resentment. It ages you because your cells hold on to so many things.”

To this, Katrina replied, “Some things can still upset you. But that’s fine. I face it. I stare at the ghost in the room until it just fades away. When something triggers an emotion, I let it happen. Like one day I came across something, which I kept pushing away. But it hurt me and bothered me. While I was doing yoga, my teacher asked, are you okay? I said I was fine. She said, But you’re crying. I had actually begun crying. It had to come out. Now, I don’t try to push things away. I stare at them. What you resist, persists.”

“If you’re bitter and cynical, do you feel good about yourself? No. So why be so? It’s in your own interest not to be bitter. Either you allow someone to make a mess of your life or you believe you know better than the whole world. I tís your choice, the way you want to see it. It’s hard. I have to work on this actively every day. You don’t succeed every day. But isn’t it a nicer way to live with the trust that a force is watching over you? Rather than wanting everything to be in your control.”

“I don’t have regrets about anything because that was also an experience, a journey. Had it been balanced, calm and stable, I wouldn’t have come to learn so many things. These are just wonderful experiences.”

“My last relationship was an experience, which was extremely important for me at so many levels. I’ve gained a lot more maturity, more understanding. Now, I don’t have any fixed plan that this is how it has to go or this is how I have to be. That’s the openness I want to maintain. I don’t want to burden the other person or carry any baggage. It’s important for a person to maintain their identity, have your own goals and purpose in life and to protect the friendships you have.”

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