Katiyar : People who don’t hoist tricolor, sing national anthem should be categorised ‘Deshdrohi’

New Delhi : After the Uttar Pradesh Government directed all madrassas (Islamic schools) to hold Independence Day celebrations and videograph the event, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Vinay Katiyar on Friday said that the people who do not agree with it should be categorised as “Deshdrohi”.

Speaking to ANI, Katiyar welcomed the move made by Yogi Addityanath led government to pay tribute to freedom fighters and organise cultural programmes on August 15.

“He (Adityanath) has said the right thing. It is our pride and we should hoist it. Be it any school, madarsa or any other organisation for that matter, national anthem should be sung and national flag be hoisted and people who do not agree with it should be categorised as ‘Deshdrohi’,” he added.

According to the circular, on Independence Day flag hoisting and recitation of the national anthem will be take place at 8 a.m. Following this, tribute will be paid to the martyrs of the freedom struggle. Also, students will sing songs on nationalism and be told about the history of August 15 and the freedom fighters.

Further, cultural programmes will be organised on the theme of national unity, along with sports activities.

The circular asks minority welfare officers to direct all madrasas to ensure that Independence Dayis celebrated with zeal and that all the programmes mentioned above are organised.

At present, around 8,000 madrasas in the state are recognised by the Parishad. Among these, 560 are fully aided by the state.

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