Karnataka home minister set up a SIT to investigate IMA jewels case

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed to investigate the IMA Jewels case.

“Chief Minister Kumaraswamy has decided that an SIT will be set up to investigate the case. The composition of the SIT will be decided in a meeting with the chief minister and DIG,” Karnataka Home Minister MB Patil had said on Tuesday.

Over 4000 investors had gathered to protest outside the IMA Jewels showroom in Shivaji Nagar on Tuesday after they received an audio recording purportedly recorded by IMA managing director Mohammed Mansoor Khan.

In the audio clip, khan was recorded saying he was going to end his life due to the financial setbacks his company was facing. The man in the audio clip can also be heard saying he was “tired of bribing corrupt politicians and bureaucrats’.

Karnataka Home Minister had held a meeting with senior police officials in the state on Tuesday to deliberate the future course of action in the case.

The chief investigation officer of the SIT will be Sri BR Ravikanthe Gowda IPS, Deputy Inspector General of Police, fire force and he will be assisted by other Police officers.

S Girish, IPS Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Bangalore city

Balaraju, Assistant Commissioner of Police, CCB Bangalore city

K Ravi Shankar, Deputy SP, CID Bangalore

Raja Imam Kasim, Deputy SP, State Intelligence Bangalore

Abdul Khadar, Deputy SP, Karnataka Lokayukta SIT Bangalore

Smt. CR Geeta, Police Inspector, Karnataka Lokayukta

L Y Rajesh, Police Inspector, BDA Bangalore

Anjan Kumar, Police Inspector, CCB Bangalore city

N Tanveer Ahmed, Police Inspector, SCRB Bangalore

BK Shekhar, Police Inspector, Commercial Street Police Station, Bangalore.

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