Kapil Sharma finally opens up about his break up with Preeti

Kapil Sharma‘s hush hush relationship with ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes has been known to one and all since a few years now. Preeti was the creative head for Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma until a few months back and the comedian’s rise to popularity has time and again been attributed to her, apart from the several other factors. However, after his spat with Sunil Grover and his decision to marry Ginni Chatrath, Preeti and Kapil split. They had a personal as well as professional fall out, with the producer going on to launch a rival show, The Drama Company. While both of them have been mum about their break up, Kapil has finally opened up, while also suggesting that The Kapil Sharma Show going off air has nothing to do with his fallout with Preeti.


Kapil further mentioned how he has no hard feeling for her, while also wishing Preeti all the best for The Drama Company. As he revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “I have never asked anybody to leave me, my team or my show. There are no hard feelings from my end (for Preeti). When Sunil left the show, I advised him to stay on, saying we are stronger together. But he wanted his own show and I understood that because even I have fought for my own show. When he came back, I welcomed him because I have always believed we must work with the best to learn more and work better. If anyone else wants to come back, I will be more than happy to welcome them back. Long before she (Preeti) joined me, I was doing Comedy Circus and Laughter Challenge. I worked really hard. It didn’t stop with her coming into my life or when she walked out. I would like to wish her all the best with her own show now. Personal equations have never been detrimental to my career; it’s my health that has affected me adversely. If you fall, it’s your fault and nobody else’s.”

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