‘Kannad Gottilla’ to be dubbed and released in 4 languages

Former RJ Mayuraa Raghavendra’s directorial debut, Kannad Gothilla, which has received good response on Amazon Prime, will now be dubbed and released in four other languages. “The film witnessed positive reviews on streaming platform. After this success, Sanjay Lalwani Productions has bought the dubbing rights for the movie in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi,” says the director.

The thriller has been produced by RamaRathana Productions owned by Kumara Kanteerava and stars Hariprriya in the lead role, along with Sudha Rani and Sihi Kahi Chandri in prominent roles. “I least expected that a subject like the one I have explored in Kannad Gothilla can be dubbed in any other language, and I was quite surprised when the production house felt that the story had the potential to be told in other languages too.

They have taken the rights for theatrical as well as OTT release, and it is for them to see which platform they want to go with. However, I am glad that this first film of mine will reach out to many audiences,” says Mayur. The film’s music was composed by Nakul Abhyankar while Giridhar Diwan worked as the DOP.

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