Kahaani is a thriller that sees the Adya Family

Suspense thriller movies are about fear, blood. There is also talk of thriller movies not being seen by families. But as far as the family is concerned, KM Chaitanya’s directorial ‘Adya’ is being released today.

Cinema, which was the news of the year, suddenly came to the release stage. At this point the directors have spoken to us. ‘When thriller films are usually done, the fear and the bloodshed are all too much. Family is hard to watch such movies. But ‘Adya’, there is suspense, there are thrilling elements, and there are emotional aspects that make the family sit together. ‘All the actors in this movie are amazing. Chiru and Sangeeta Bhatt have appeared in three shades. Chiranjeevi’s college student, on the one hand, looks like the action hero. Shruti Hariharan is the Sir Prouse element of the film. ‘Adya’ is a cinematic screenplay that says whether a child’s name is a child or not is Chaitanya. The film has music by Sridhar Sambhram. Compiled by Akshayrao

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