Jacqueline Fernandez to co-star Taapsee Pannu: Gonna give her my stylist

Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez recently visited Neha Dhupia on her chat show No Filter Neha. On the show the actress was asked some really interesting questions. Out of which one was, one thing that she would like to borrow from her Judwaa co-star Taapsee Pannu and one thing that she would like to gift her. When it came to borrowing things, Jackie asked for Taapsee’s, “speaking skills” as the Pink actress can converse fluently in Hindi, Punjabi and other languages, a report in Mirror stated. On gifting Taapsee, Jackie quipped, “I’m gonna give her my stylist.” For Kangana Ranaut, Jackie said, “I need Kangana’s guts! I’ll give Kangana my dancing skills.”

Jackie also opened up about her lul days in Bollywood. Jacqueline also opened up about actresses asking for work from directors and lobbying. The Kick actress revealed that she has seen some actresses walking out of film studios and waiting for the director to step out. “Then, they would go running after them, saying, ‘Please sir I wanna work with you,'” Jackie admitted that of late she has become upfront and even sent messages like “I really wanna work with you” to a director, asking for a role.

“And she’s (director) like, listen, first of all you dumbo, you do not have to be ashamed to ask for work. I’ve had top actresses send me show reels. They’ve gone and done photo shoots of themselves in costumes after just having an idea of what the character might be. And these are girls who are at the top of their game.”

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