Is Parineeti Chopra Planning To Tie The Knot After Priyanka Chopra?

In the last two years, many leading Bollywood actresses have settled down after finding the love of their lives. It all with Anushka Sharma getting hitched to Virat Kohli. Soon, Sonam Kapoor followed the suit. Last year, we saw two of the biggest B-town weddings- Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas. Recently, there were rumours about Priyanka’s cousin Parineeti Chopra too planning to settle down with alleged beau Charit Desai. When the ‘Kesari’ actress was quizzed about her marriage plans, this is what she had to say.

“Toh unse mera kya lena dena yaar? Woh kare jo karna hai unko. (What has that to do with my life? They can do whatever they want).” To this, the actress replied, “Currently, I have no plans, I don’t think so! If I get married ever in life, then it has to be when I’m ready for it which is not today. I’m not thinking about all that today.” “Usne khud 36 pe shaadi ki hai! usne jaise badi jaldi kar li. Mere paas abhi 6 saal hai atleast.” (She got married at 36 as if she tied the knot in a hurry. Now, even I have six years for it!)”

“The family of Chopras na, they are very cool family. I just want to tell you, if you ever meet my family, hypothetically, you will see you will see that they are actually is a family of achievers. They are just like I’m not saying career oriented, but they love they will and they get so busy in their work. Like even my eldest cousin is not married.” She further added, “Mimi Didi is actually the first girl and the eldest girl to get married in our family. I have 14 cousins, only two are married. And all of us are their 30s, nobody’s married. So that’s the kind of family we are!” “Also our own parents tell us, marriage is not the thing to find your person. Do whatever you want. Travel with them, live with them. Whatever you want to do, find the correct person. If you want to get married, and then get married, just be happy with that guy. That’s the more important thing that our family teaches our kids. Don’t come under this pressure of getting married. Find the right person, who’s not going to cheat on you, who’s going to be loyal and who’s going to keep you happy. If at 51, you feel you want to marry this person then do it, otherwise, don’t get married. Just have the right person because a lot of people are married and they are not happy. She further added, “So how does marriage decide happiness? They want us to be happy and successful the two things, in that marriage don’t fit anywhere. But if it does, if you find the right person, I’ll be the first person to get married as I love the idea of marriage.”

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