International Sports Complex in the City: Minister Eshwarappa K S


Rural Development, Panchayat Raj and District-In- Charge  Minister KS Eshwarappa said that the stadium in the heart of the city is meant to be built with International Standards to encourage talented athletes who are regularly trained in various sports in the district and recognized nationally and internationally.

 He was speaking today at the Nehru Indoor Stadium in the city on the pros and cons of building a sports arena with athletes and coaches active in various sports.  He said, he hoped to make the stadium in Shimoga, one of the country’s model stadiums, adding that most of the sports are currently being constructed at the Nehru Stadium to accommodate the opinion of experts and athletes.

 The stadium is designed to accommodate housing, parking for all types of vehicles, as well as a walking path.  Rs 33 crore is required under the Smart City Project by the Central and State Governments for the purpose.  He said the grants would come and the grants would be spent according to law.

The Deputy commissioner, KB Shivakumar, who was present at the meeting, said that although many sports are being held in the same stadium, other sports will not be interrupted.

 Representatives from sports organizations were present at the meeting.  If there were  technical problems, alternate location would be arranged.  No need to count the number of athletes to build a sportswear complex to accommodate Indoor and Outdoor Sports.  There has been suggestion  that Hockey is a good Place to Play.

 Various dignitaries, Sportsmen and officials were present at the meeting, including the Vice President of The State Sports Authority, Purushottam, the President of the Aryavaishya Development Board, D S Arun, and the Sports Department’s Assistant Director Manjunath.

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