The Hindus Book

An Alternative History, by American scholar Wendy Doniger, was taken out of the market by her publisher after orders passed by the Delhi high court alleging that few parts of the book contain some factual errors of Indian history and misrepresented Hindu mythology. The final settlement made by the petitioner and publisher was a six month period for penguin to destroy all copies of the book


The culture of India and the place given to animals, especially cows were bolstered by banning beef in India. Slaughter of bulls and bullocks in the starting of this year with the introduction of the bill named Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) bill after 19 years. A provision of 5 years of jail or Rs. 10,000 fine will be imposed on anybody found having beef. Due to this ban we saw a number of cases on lynching, where people were attacked under the suspicion of eating beef.


With the ban on pornography site in India, it has become the recent point which led huge uproar. The step of banning porn sites was responded by the youth of the nation. Recently ISP (Internet Service Providers) urged the government to lift the ban from the porn sites. The reason given for the ban was that these kinds of material are the cause of crime against women. India is the 3rd largest consumer of porn, due to which Pornhub created a mirror site for its users in India, while many brands like Jio and Airtel have executed the ban, this doesn’t stop viewers from watching porn.

Foie gras

Foie Grass is a luxury product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. India was the first country to ban over the import of Foie Gras the government decided to ban the import of foie gras, usually eaten as pate or mousse, after animal rights activists protested against the cruel manner of its manufacture.


Plastic ban is one such ban which should be imposed on every state, as it the need of the hour. Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the only states to implement a ban on single-use plastics, whereas other states have a partial ban, yet most of the people use plastic and plastic bags till date! Any plastic items which we will throw away or recycle after a single use of plastic

Alcohol Advertisements

Advertising alcohol is banned in India, but yet alcohol companies and advertising companies have come up with surrogate advertising. Advertising alcohol under the name of club sodas, music CDs and sports franchise is now a common exercise in India. It is said that India consumes one–fifth of the total alcohol produced in the world, and being the largest whisky market in the world, the liquor companies are cleverly trying to dodge the ban by finding loopholes in the laws to advertise their brands. Although some of the surrogate ads have come under fire in the past, the laws are only getting stricter.

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