India Coffee Trust join hands to help flood victims

India Coffee Trust has extended a helping hand to the people of Kodagu who are in dire need of help. In response to the Kodagu flood devastation, incessant rain and landslides from last one week, India Coffee Trust being the Mobius foundation led by Pradeep Burman and Bopanna of India Coffee Trust has decided to rescue the people who were trapped and a foundation camp was set up in a Government primary school Madapur on immediate basis.

Anil Kumar Bhandari, President, India Coffee Trust, said, “All the displaced and evacuated people started arriving at the camp.  Local volunteers along with the youth, volunteered for the rescue of the stranded people. By then State Government had called in the army and the local youth acted as guides going to various locations rescuing people while putting their lives at risk as there were landslides and flooding still happening. Meanwhile at the camp food for the people was being prepared using rice and pulses from the midday meal kitchen and buying other provisions locally using our own finances. Blankets and mats were purchased from Mysore for the initial 300 people who arrived at the camp on Day 1.”

Since there was no electricity, generator was arrived and installed in the camp. The entire camp was managed by India Coffee Trust coordinated by M B Bopanna along with Mobius Foundation.

The government provided a doctor, medical supply, and an ambulance for the camp. From day 2 relief material started pouring into the camp from various private initiatives in large quantities so food and supplies for the people staying at the camp were met.

The midday people kitchen staff led by Kaveri and Headmistress  Shobha and the volunteers and the local youth worked tirelessly day and night assisting Mr. Bopanna to rescue people and run the camp. Various private initiatives and Tata coffee provided portable toilets on Day 3 of this calamity.

Now the camp is still being managed and run by Bopanna with the help of volunteers and the school staff to date.Bopanna, India Coffee Trust requests individuals, corporate and  government sector to come forward and help the natural disaster’s victims to rebuild their life.

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