Increased water supply at Chocasandra, residents demand


Though the ground level of groundwater has continually collapsed at the beginning of the summer, Nandagudi has been in deep trouble as the concerned authorities have been sleeping and the villagers are suffering from turbulence.

There are more than 1,200 people in the Chokasandra village of the Nandagudi Grapam range in Hosakote Taluk. The lack of interest in the concerned Gram Panchayat and Janata Party’s representatives has gone up without going to the water problem for the last two years.

There are a large number of Dalit and backward classes in the Chokasandra village, located at the Nandagudi Hobli center. Agriculture, dairy farming, sheep, goat, farming and welfare work.

Salt Mixed Waterfalls: Setting water daily for people here is a big problem. The water pump of the pump tub is well-mixed with water for the last 15 days and is not suitable for drinking and consumption. However, it is possible to pump salt water for several hours and wait for years to get water without fate.

The district administration has over 8 borewells in the past five years and everything has been gradually failed. Status of Rs. 500 Water is supplied by tanker. It is difficult for the poor, the laborers to buy tanker water, carry on living, and dairy farming.

The tanker does not supply water: The district administration and grapam have expressed displeasure over the problem of solving the water problem. The villagers have expressed their anger over the fact that the tanker has not yet provided the same tanker water even though the water supply system has been supplied by the district administration.

Livestock Need Water: Most people in this village are dependent on dairy farming. There are more than 300 domestic animals, including over 300 kittens, 200 buffaloes, 500 sheep, 300 goats and more. Every morning, in the evening and over 1100 liters of milk will be transported to this village from Bamul.

At least 100 liters of water is required daily for at least one kerosene. Hence, dairy farmers are required to provide water for livestock. As a result of water crisis, the backdrop of high technology, the sale of rashes.

Regarding the water problem here, the Theram EO, the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Grapam officials are busy in the election campaign, but have not benefited many times. The villagers have warned that if it does not pay attention to the drinking water system, it will be a serious problem.

For many years our village has a water problem and we are living with dairy farming. Water is required from 150 to 200 bins per day. No one takes care of collecting water throughout the day, said CM Muniraj,Gramasastra,

The water level in the wells of the villages has continued to decline, preferably by the tanker to Banahalli village, where the water issue in Chokasandra village has been raised and the water has been dispatched and the tanker will be deployed till the paranoid system.

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