In south cinema, women take it over during the time of lockdown

A lot of films are based around the stories of certain protagonists and while some stories are more suited to a male protagonist other are more suited to a female protagonist. Some roles are just more impactful and more invigorating with a she-ro in the forefront instead of a ‘hero’.

The south film cinema has also been focusing on a women-centric approach to their films with some spectacular performances by some really charming and alluring actresses who really took to the spotlight with their spectacular characters. Even with a rise in OTT viewership, due to the lockdown, women are taking over with films from the south! Here are a few of those actresses and their amazing characters:

  1. TaapseePannu as ‘Swapna’ in the film ‘Game Over’

In this psychological thriller film, Taapsee astounds the audience with her character of Swapna who is a wheelchair-bound woman who is defending her home from a mysterious intruder. The film was shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. The film was also dubbed in Hindi and was presented by Anurag Kashyap. It even saw a release on Netflix.




  1. Jyothika as ‘Venba’ in the film ‘PonmagalVandhal’

‘PonmagalVandhal’ is a legal drama where actress Jyothika plays the role of a rookie lawyer who reopens a notorious 15-year-old case of a dead killer, alleged to have kidnapped and murdered young girls. Jyothika plays the lawyer who fights to set right a gross wrong and punish the guilty with her head held high up! The film saw a release on 29th May on Amazon Prime Video.




  1. Keerthy Suresh as ‘Rhythm’ in the film ‘Penguin’

Mystery thriller film ‘Penguin’ features Keerthy Suresh in a never-before-seen avatar. Penguin is about a metaphoric seabird who dares to face hell or highwater to protect her child from danger. In the film, Keerthy Suresh’s character ‘Rhythm’ is the Mama Penguin who is out to find her son, Ajay. The film was made in Tamil and Telugu and was released along with a Malayalam-dubbed version and released on Prime Video on 19 June 2020.





  1. Samantha Akkineni as S. Janaki Devi aka Jaanu in the film ‘Jaanu’

The romantic drama film proved a female can lead the film with Samantha playing the character of ‘Jaanu’. The film follows Ram and Jaanu who meet at their school’s reunion and explore their past thoughts consisting of affection, care, depth, and grieve all over the period of just one evening.





  1. Trisha as ‘Jessie Thekekuttu’ in the film ‘Karthik Dial SeythaYenn’

This film is a short film that is worth the mention as it is primarily shot using just an iPhone. The film was released on 20 May 2020 on YouTube which also takes to the current event of the coronavirus pandemic





  1. Manju Warrier as ‘Madhuri’ in the film ‘PrathiPoovankozhi’

Manju plays the empowering role of Madhuri in this thriller film where the character who is an ordinary saleswoman and lives alone with her mother, refuses to suffer in silence and sets out in search of a sexual predator, with unexpected consequences. Manju surely gave an impactful performance in this one!

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