Image of priests in vessels goes viral, netizens take potshots at scene

A picture is worth a thousand words but in this case, it’s worth a thousand jokes. An image of two pujaris sitting in large vessels filled with water has grabbed the attention of the netizens and they are bending over backwards to write the best jokes about the scene.

We are painfully aware that the summer heat is unbearable and the monsoons haven’t exactly been satisfactory. While there are no immediate measures one can take to induce rainfalls, some have turned to the Gods to do what they can’t.

To this end, some priests in Bengaluru’s Someshwara temple performed a puja for the early arrival of the monsoon rains on Friday, June 7. Reportedly, some priests were asked to sit inside vessels filled with water as part of the rituals for the puja, while another priest performed the hawan.

There are more bizarre ways in which some communities try to appease the rain Gods (like marrying two frogs), however, the right picture posted on the internet at the right time is enough to set off the trolls and comedians. The images of the puja shared by news agency ANI went viral and the netizens couldn’t get enough of it.

What was more curious to them was the fact that the two priests seen sitting in the vessels were holding their phones in their hands, one of them seemingly smiling.

While some have said that it is possible that the two were reading mantras from their phones, some others chose to give the story a more humorous twist.

“Pujaris connecting to iCloud’,” wrote Twitter user Ankit Upadhyay, retweeting the priests’ image. Another user, Confusedicius questioned the need for the phones asking if the priests were “whatsapping Indra dev for monsoon”. User Daksh pointed out similarities between the scene and the situation in some Mumbai living spaces writing, “… when you want to have a swimming pool in your home but you’re living in 1bhk apartment in Mumbai…” User Siddhant Thakur pointed out something that is all too real and wrote, “When you cant stop using your phone even while you’re taking a bath (sic)”

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