IMA scam: CBI is no longer required

Referring to the progress of the investigation by the Special Investigation Team in the IMA scam, the High Court said it was no longer necessary for the CBI to investigate the case.

Chief Justice AS Dissanayake on five separate public interest petitions filed by the CBI seeking an investigation. Oak and Na. The division bench, held by PM Nawaz, held the hearing on Thursday.

As the trial began, Advocate General Prabhulinga presented the case to the court in a sealed envelope. After examining the envelope details, CJ noticed that there was little progress in the SIT probe by looking at the ‘dhikr’ documents. Let’s give the SIT some time.

The SIT and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) adjourned the hearing on August 20, instructing them to share details of property confiscation in the IMA case.

The Forensic Audit Agreement:

The State Government has agreed to conduct a forensic audit of the IMA’s assets and funds for the scam. AG Prabhulinga has also initiated a forensic audit of the ‘Dhir’ militant. “The public notice has been issued to collect information from 65,000 depositors,” he told the bench.

By Jayadeva Obstetrician Doctors

The KPID court has handed over the 14-day judicial custody of Mansoor Khan, the main accused in the IMA case. Prison officials have been asked to report to him by a specialist doctor, Jayadeva Cardiologist, about his heart problem.

After being brought overseas, E.D. Mansoor was held in custody. Officers were present at the KPID court as the custody period expired on Thursday.

Another doctor test:

Prosecutors in the court appealed to the judge that Mansour Khan had a heart problem and needed proper treatment. Government prosecutors, in a Victoria Hospital inspection report, said Mansurkadhin was in good health and requested the court to seek a medical report from another agency.

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