Illegal mining near BSF campus

While mining has been discontinued in the Meesaganahalli, Koira and Oligere areas of Devanahalli taluk, only illegal mining is being carried out.

The mine dust that was ruining the farmer’s crop this day has now hit the Border Security Force (BSF). The area of ​​the BSF training center near the Karahalli area has been hampered by the training of the soldiers who are waiting for the day and night illegal mining.

Explosion Noise: A rock blast erupts in the afternoon and night, leaving BSF personnel stranded. In many cases, there are complaints of not only confusing the sound of the explosion, but also of the dust that rises from the traffic of mine trucks, and the mischief that fires at campuses at night. No

action from authorities On the one hand, the officials of the Department of Mines and Geosciences have been informed that no official has taken action, but BSF personnel have been compelled to complain about illegal mining.

More illegal:Mining officials say that only a few licensed miners are allowed in the oilfield but mining is not allowed elsewhere. But illegal mining around Devanahalli did not break. The public alleges that large trucks loaded with rocks are the proof that the Department of Transportation is moving in front of the traffic law.

No one is coming forward to name him as he is persecuting the miners against illegal mining. There have also been instances in which Vishwanathpur police have handed over the illegal mining of stone to the BSF campus . However, mining is not the only break.
Nandi went down the hill

The location of the BSF campus is a short distance away from the campus. Mining in this area has been completely banned as it covers the waters of the Arkavathi basin. However, the Nandi Hills have not collapsed before the mining was done. Already a letter has been issued to the government to halt mining in many areas including Chikkaballapur valley Narayanapura. Environmental lovers say that there is no doubt that the Nandi Hills will be melted in the dust of the days.

Mining is not noticed near the BSF campus. Mining has already been discontinued in most areas.

– Suresh, Deputy Director, Department of Mines and Geology

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