If you have no honor, you should resign from the legislature position: Ramesh Kumar


Before you can be removed, you should resign from the legislature and you should be sacked by your Congress party. K. Sudhakar has held the bargain.

Dr Mukherjee, a MLA from Chikkaballapur constituency who resigned and lost. K. Ramesh Kumar, former speaker of Sudhakaran, was disqualified. And then there was the Congress party. Sudhakaran’s dismissal. This is the first time Dr Kumaratunga has come to the field after all these political events. K Sudhakar is running against opponents.

After receiving his final glimpse of Narayanaswamy backed by Sudhakar, who died in an illness at Dibboor village in Chikkaballapur taluk, Sudhakar later spoke to the media.

I have resigned myself against the administration of the Dosti government and the development of my district and constituency. Up until now, I have not spoken against the Congress party. Only the Congress party dismissed Nannan and disqualified me. I did the Congress bastion of Chikkaballapur constituency. Former lawmakers have said I haven’t developed. This is the second time people have been selected to look at the population development in the Andre sector. I don’t need this former legislator’s certificate. 4 years was the time of administration for me. But I should be here for 20 – 30 years as a legislator in this field. As a legislator for many years, what is more important to you than what is in the euro? I do not wish to make a political entry with the hope.

In the name of morality today, Basavanna, I am here to tell Ambedkar that the state is not going back to the Supreme Court. With the blessings of these people, I am going back to the legislature in the next few days. In the same way, your opponents have said to the opposition that I will do the work of the people of the state.

In the meantime, the former Speaker Ramesh Kumar dismissed Sudhakar, why did he dismiss my party without any investigation? Who is the great leader in the name of morality today? Dalit MP K.H. Munaiapparan’s defeat, you have no respect .. Yours Did you tell me the biggies? You have defeated KH Muniyapparan who won 7 times. You have to resign and be resigned to the position of lawmaker. No, the Congress party values ​​that Ramesh Kumar had made a promise to get rid of Ramesh Kumar first.

Should Shivshankar Reddy work for the JDS in the MLC polls despite the fact that former minister and former Gauribidanur MLA Shivshankar Reddy is not in office? Nannan, a congressman from the adjoining constituency, do my politically fulfilling work ..? Thus dismiss the party first. Tell me your morality. Do you have a moral? Jana Nodtha Idare. I was in pain all the time from one person. Audrey didn’t get in my hands now. In the next few days he will tell you who he is. There is a serious drinking water problem in the field. What have you done for 14 months. Does anyone pay attention to this ..!? How many times have I said that in the House. How many times have I said it in person. You speak for the mouth today. So the development of the people in this field is very important to me. You still have a hundred years to be happy as speaker, minister, chief minister.

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