If MLA creates confusion, who’ll lead the people: UT Khader


MLA U T Khader on Friday said that he was not happy with the way the meeting with regards to coronavirus pandemic is conducted by the district administration.

Khader said, “In the meeting of district level officers, there is need of healthy discussion over coronavirus pandemic. The MLAs discuss only issues like shops, fish selling and road connectivity in a meeting of this level. Till date no healthy discussion with regards to coronavirus has taken place.

“Only asking people to stay inside their houses for 35 days is not enough. They should also be updated as to what action is taken by the district administration with regards to the coronavirus. At least now let the district administration and MLAs discuss such vital point. This point is already discussed with the district-in-charge minister,” he said.

With regards to the row over the cremation of the second victim of coronavirus, Khader expressed his unhappiness and said, “When public gets confused over cremation of dead body, being an MLA, Dr Bharath Y Shetty should clear the confusion among people. If an MLA himself gets involved in holding protest and creating confusion, then who will lead public in the right direction?”

Khader questioned the district administration over conducting action plan, as even cremation should be the part of it so that there should be no problem during holding cremation.

“The Health minister and Revenue minister should make necessary arrangements for cremation of deceased coronavirus patients in every district. Ramanagara incident took place as there was no proper plan to deal with coronavirus,” said Khader.

Regarding Kasargod-Mangaluru border, Khader said that deputy commissioners of both districts should conduct a meeting and resolve the issue.

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