“I was very sick,” Sushmita Sen opens up about the deadly disease that almost took her life

Sushmita Sen is a living and walking inspiration for all the girls out there and there are no two ways about that. Be it the way she has challenged society’s norms and standards by adopting two girls as a single parent or the way she has done it with all the dignity in the world, the former Miss Universe is grace personified. But that’s just one of the many awe-inspiring things about her and we are just glad we are here to see her do it with elan. In fact, the actress who is currently dating model Rohman Shawl has opened up about a deadly disease that had left her broken.

Sushmita Sen revealed that while we saw her strutting and sashaying at ramps, she fought a deadly ailment all by herself, amidst raising her daughters. It dates back to 2014; the actress said that she fell seriously sick and was rushed to hospital after fainting. Initially, the doctors could not figure what was wrong with her but after a gamut of tests; it came to the fore that her adrenal glands had stopped making a vital hormone, called cortisol. Reportedly, she had gone into an adrenal crisis, which usually ends in multiple organ failure but she barely survived.

It didn’t end there. Sushmita was informed that she would be dependent on steroids for the rest of her life and would be injected a medicine every eight hours since her body didn’t make it on its own anymore. This eventually resulted in weight gain, loss of bone density and hair fall and high BP.

Speaking on the same, the diva said it was also the reasons why she came on to Instagram and added, “I was very very sick and I have hair that’s falling. I have become moon-faced and I have steroid deposits. During this time, a thought crossed my mind, if this does kill me, people would never know who I was. So one night, I just got on to Instagram and opened that page.”

However, two years later, a miracle of sorts happened. In 2016, Sushmita recovered in a way she couldn’t have imagined. It so happened that her health took a beating again and she had to be hospitalized which is when her doctors realized that her body was once again producing the hormone. Naturally, she went cold turkey on the steroids but not without suffering from withdrawal symptoms for almost a year. All thanks to yoga and aerial silk sessions.

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