I have been a victim of abuse: PM


In a ‘no holds barred’ attack against the opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said time and again the opposition, including the Congress, have hurled abuses on him since the day ”This chaiwala” became a Prime Minister.

Addressing a huge gathering here, Mr. Modi said: “From road to satellite, from the highway to information way, from mobile to the missile, from washrooms to offices, from sanitation to medicines, from irrigation to EMIs, this government has worked hard for the well-being of common man. However, they (opposition) have crossed all the limits while abusing me”(Mujhe gaali dete huye maryaada taar taar ki hai).”

Saying that it doesn’t look nice talking about such things on a public platform where children from eighth and ninth standard must be listening to him, Mr. Modi listed the abuses (gaalis) that were being hurled on him after he assumed the charge of Prime Minister.

‘Charging the Congress of failing to stop India’s share of water from going to Pakistan, the PM said, “Many rivers pass through Pakistan. Our share of water is going to Pakistan, but what does the Congress do to stop our share of water from going there when it was in power?”

“Now, India’s share of water, will not be allowed to enter Pakistan as many projects have been started for this, which will benefit many states along with Haryana in terms of water,” he said.

Alleging that the Congress was promoting people who wanted to harm him, the PM said”…It is their desire and they promote those who wish to cut Modi into pieces”,(inki khwahish hai ki Modi ki boti botikar di jaaye and aur yeh aise logon ko hi chunaav mei badhawa de rahe hain.)”

Earlier, while addressing a huge rally at Fatehabad, Mr. Modi said he is fortunate enough to come to the land of ”gurus and gurudwaras.”

Mr. Modi said that five phases of voting has already showed that the BJP Government was returning to power.

”With the nation’s blessings, on the evening of May 23, when the results will come we’ll get to know–”phir ek baar modi sarkar”, he said.

Charging the Congress of putting on positions of power those involved in the 1984 Sikh riots, he said: “Tour chowkidaar had promised the Sikh community that 1984 riots culprits will be punished. I am satisfied that the process of them being sentenced to death or life imprisonment has started.

This shameless Congress is awarding those who were a part of the crime. By making a person who is said to be involved in 1984 anti-Sikh riots the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Congress has proved that it doesn’t care about your sentiments.”

He said the Congress had nothing to offer on national security.

”A nation which cannot protect itself, will the World bother about such a nation. Has the Congress government said a word about national security? They’ll not say anything, because on national they don’t have anything to speak”, he added.

He said his government had given more strength to armed forces.

”Before we got elected in 2014, Pakistan used to treat our forces brutally and after that Congress used to give just ”bayaan(statement)”, but after you all  helped us to form a strong government at New Delhi, we were able to give new strength to our Armed forces(isse humne unke haath khol diye”, he said,

Referring to the airstrike in Pakistan, the Prime Minister said, ”Now are jawans are shooting down the terrorists after entering into their dens.”(Ab humare sapoot, ugrawadiyon ko unke ghar me ghus ke maarte hain.)

Haryana will go to Lok Sabha polls on May 12 in the sixth phase of the national elections.

In the evening, he will be addressing a rally in Ramlila Maidan in the national capital for the seven seats of New Delhi that are going to polls on May 12.

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