I am really proud of my dad: AmyraDastur

For the last three months, actor AmyraDastur has been staying with her parents and says that interacting with her father, who is also a front-line worker, has been one of the highlights of her day. “My dad is a doctor and he has been going to the hospital every single day. He is a COVID warrior and I am so proud to be his daughter. My mom and I were very worried initially as he is 67 years old, but now we are okay. Each day when he returns from work, he tells me what has been going on in the hospital. They have to be in those PPE suits and they can’t even go to the washroom for six hours and sometimes even longer than that. For them it is like going to a battle each day,” says Amyra.
Apart from spending time with her parents, Amyra says that she has been reading a lot and talking to her friends on phone. “I am currently reading ‘The Girl On The Train’ and it is really good. After a long time, I am getting to read so much and I am really liking it. A lot of my friends have been telling me that they learnt to cook during the lockdown, but I just can’t cook. I have put on a bit of weight since I have been staying at home and eating all this yummy food that my mom cooks, so I am also working out a lot now. I have been practicing to do my own make-up and have learnt a lot,” says Amyra.

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