I am as curious as my fans to know the film’s title: Puneeth

Over the past few weeks, director Santhosh Ananddram’s film with Puneeth Rajkumar has created a buzz with the possible title of the film, The much-hyped film’s title will finally be revealed by the fans of Power Star. Made under Hombale Films, the film’s title, as earlier reported is likely to be one of the titles from Rajkumar’s 200-odd films, with an additional word.

Puneeth Rajkumar

Ahead of the title’s release, Puneeth Rajkumar over a telephonic conversation said, “To be honest, I am not able to find the root cause of this  ‘buzz’. There are bound to be expectations since my previous film Raajakumara with Santhosh Ananddram was well accepted. The same combination of director, production house, hero, music director are coming together, which has generated further interest. Having said that, a film cannot be made keeping in mind ‘expectations’.  All that the team and I want to do is make a good film,” he says.

Puneeth points out to social media, which he feels is the reason for the hype. “It’s a platform where a lot of people have come up with a title. And that’s become news in itself. The team will reveal the final title today. Honestly, I am as curious as my fans to know the film’s title. I haven’t even found out what it is yet,” says Puneeth, adding, “A fan will unveil the title on Kannada Rajyothsava. Thursdays are also an auspicious day for Rayaru (lord Raghavendra) adds to the celebration,” he says.

The title being one from his father’s films, and Puneeth reacts. “The last time when Santhosh titled the film Raajakumara, I was scared. I worried what if the film doesn’t do well. But the film went beyond our expectations. As far as this film is concerned, I can say that this film is an entertainer with a good message,” he says.

While titles such as Jwalamukhi, Kranti Veera, Parashurama have been doing the rounds, we tried to see if Puneet would give us an inkling of the title. “Out of the 200 and more films that my father featured in, I have at least 100 favourite titles, including Paropakari, Raja Nanna Raja, Mayura… the list goes on,” says Puneeth, who at no point gave any clue of what the film’s title would be.

Is it Dhruva Nakshatra?

There has been a lot of speculation with regard to the title of Puneeth Rajkumar’s next title. While names like Jwalamukhi, Kranti Veera, Parashurama have been doing the rounds, the latest we hear is that the film will be titled Dhruva Nakshatra. This, after one of Dr Rajkumar’s films titled Dhruva Thare, which released in 1985. Since the director had hinted that the title will bear the title of a Rajkumar film with an additional word, Dhruva Nakshatra may just be it.

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