Hina Khan speaks about the numerous look tests

Actress Hina Khan is all set to showcase to the world the dark side of the web world with her upcoming web film Unlock. Putting together the look of her character for the film though, was quite a challenge as the team wanted her to look in a certain way to bring out a particular feel to her character, which initially required a lot of brainstorming and experimenting with various looks before finalizing the main one.

Sporting a fringe and brand new hairdo, Hina managed to pull off a totally new appearance for her character, which looks smashing! Speaking about pulling off this new look, Hina shares, “In the initial narrations and script readings for Unlock, the team was entirely focussed on ensuring that my character ‘Suhani’ dresses and looks in a particular way to fit her personality. A lot of various look tests were done to experiment with ponytails, fringes etc till we found the right one”.

“Suhani is shown to be a very underconfident girl and a very grey shaded character. She is someone else from the inside but portrays herself to be someone else from the outside. For which our director was sure that he wanted her to look simple and not over the top, but at the same time following the storyline she also had to look desirable and attractive to achieve the love she wanted to in the story. So a lot of effort was put in by the team to get the look right, mainly to give my character the correct approach it needed.”

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