Hewlett Packard CEO dismisses reports of taking over as Uber CEO

New York [USA] : Amid reports of taking over as the new CEO of Uber, Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, while denying the same said she is “fully committed” to the latter.

Through a string of tweets, Whitman clarified that she has a lot of work still to do at HPE, while admitting that the reason she chose to end the above speculations was because it ‘distracted’ her.

Uber’s directors vowed to find a new chief executive within the next six weeks, and Whitman’s name did appear on the short list of candidates. Other contenders for CEO included Jeffrey Immelt, who is reportedly stepping down as the CEO of General  Electric, The New York Times quoted sources saying.

The speculations of Whitman’s candidature as the next CEO of Uber began after Travis Kalanick, the former Chief Executive Officer of the firm stepped down in June.

Travis, who was absent from work citing personal reasons as well as an internal rift in the organisation, was allegedly forced to step down following severe backlash from the company’s shareholders, reports the New York Times.

The company had allegedly faced a string of revolts from the shareholders, few of which demanded Kalanick’s resignation. 

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