Heavy vehicles may be refused entry to city during rains

The City traffic police are mulling on whether a ban on the entry of heavy motor vehicles or HMVs during rains would ease traffic conditions in the city. According to initial proposals, the HMVs will be stopped near the toll plazas and on the city outskirts during rains to prevent gridlocks and breakdowns in the city.

During a recent meeting of the traffic police inspectors and the senior police officers, various plans were discussed to tackle traffic issues during the monsoon season. One of the issues raised by many officials posted on the ground was that of heavy vehicles plying inside the city, which would frequently break down and cause traffic jams during heavy rains.

A senior officer, who attended the meeting, said, “Most inspectors, who are on the ground, have told us about HMVs causing traffic obstruction. We have also witnessed few such incidents, especially when it is raining”. This is despite an already existing ban on the movement of HMVs in peak hours but this is routinely violated. The officials are now working to ensure strict implementation of this ban along with the newly proposed restrictions.

“Once a HMV breaks down inside the city limits, it is complete chaos, as they take up half the carriage space and leaving less space for other vehicles to pass through and during the rains, things get worse and the traffic congestion stretches to various other areas. To avoid this we are drawing various plans and will co-ordinate with NHAI and toll officials to ensure that they do not enter the city during heavy rains and few vehicles which are already inside the city, will also be stopped. They will be allowed to resume their journey only after the rains recede and traffic movement is smooth,” added the officer.

Though the idea is a difficult one in terms of implementation, the officials are confident of its success provided there is smooth co-ordination. The plan will only be implemented during the monsoon.

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