Health Benefits of Bermuda Grass Juice

Everyone knows about Bermuda Grass or Cynodon dactylon which grows all over the world (a constant pest that takes over lawns in some areas), but Bermuda Grass has many health benefits and has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine in India for thousands of years for many ailments… and the juice is also called Arugampul juice in India.

Alkalizing – Bermuda Grass juice is great for alkalizing the body thus helping to prevent acidosis that eventually creates inflammation and then opens the door to the creation of disease.

Detoxing – Bermuda Grass is a good detoxing agent, helps to cleans the liver and cells of the body and blood with chlorophyll.

Anemia – Bermuda Grass juice contains over 65% chlorophyll thus it has the ability to boost hemoglobin and red blood cell production thus helping with anemia.

Diabetes – Juicing Bermuda Grass juice with a few Neem Leaves is great for lowering and stabilizing blood sugar… and Bermuda Grass juice by itself lowers and stabiles blood sugar.

Great for Acid Stomach and Indigestion – Bermuda Grass juice is great for lowering stomach acids thus helping with gastric ulcers, gastritis, and also helps with gas. Most people have seen dogs eating grass and there’s a reason why… it helps with GI distress.

Diuretic – Bermuda Grass juice is a good diuretic helping to detox the body and get rid of excess water retention. And being a good diuretic it helps to flush out kidney stones and helps with urinary tract infections.

Lung Problems – Bermuda Grass juice opens up the lungs and clears away congestion… making it great for colds, flues, asthma, and bronchitis.

Stops Bleeding – Bermuda Grass juice stops nose bleeds, GI bleeding, helps with excessive menstrual bleeding, and more.

Skin – Bermuda Grass juice rubbed on the skin helps with minor rashes, irritations, and a paste of Bermuda Grass stops the bleeding of skin wounds. Also boiling Bermuda Grass with coconut oil and licorice root for 15 minutes and applying to the skin helps with eczema. And Bermuda Grass paste mixed with turmeric powder works well for fungal infections.

Hunger – Bermuda Grass juice helps those who suffer from constant hunger, thus helping with obesity. Contains – Bermuda Grass contains some crude protein, phosphorus and calcium for strong teeth and bones, potassium for water regulation and heart health, manganese for enzyme production, plus fiber for creating a good environment for probiotic growth in the colon (if the whole plant is consumed).

Antioxidants – Bermuda Grass contains Vitamin’s A and C which are great antioxidants that prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. Also palmitic acid like that found in coconut oil which helps with atherosclerosis.

Making Juice – Take a large amount of washed Bermuda Grass tops without the roots and add coconut water or filtered water and juice in a wheat grass juicer. Drink the juice first thing in the morning, and do not eat anything else for a couple hours to make sure the juice has a chance to do its job without being diluted. A wheat grass juicer works well for juicing Bermuda Grass.

Alternate Method of Making Juice – Bermuda Grass juice can also be made by using a regular blender and thenstraining the juice through a fine strainer or cheese cloth. Add a little honey or stevia if you like the juice sweeter, but fresh Bermuda Grass juice is very refreshing and tasty by itself.

Powerful Mixture – Bermuda Grass juice mixed with a little fresh turmeric and a little honey or stevia is a powerful, refreshing, and soothing drink.

Dose – Drink at least one large glass of Bermuda Grass juice daily as needed on an empty stomach.Make Sure – Make sure the Bermuda Grass has not been sprayed and it’s not a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) product… ingesting the purest form of natural Bermuda Grass is important.

Cooking – Bermuda Grass can also be chopped up and used in cooking. Free Food – Bermuda Grass juice grows all over and it’s free, and free food is always great!

Buying Powder – Now Bermuda Grass powder is being sold and you can find it on-line or ask for it at your local health food store.Bermuda Grass is available to just about everyone world wide making it of great benefit.

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