He does rainwater harvesting in his room

A resident of the Madhava city has been building a model for sump in the bedroom and collecting rainwater, as there is no space for a small place for rainwater harvesting.

A resident of Yamunabai Road in Madhavanagar, K.S. Dwarkanath adopted a rainwater harvesting system 10 years ago. The 64-year-old home has been using this system and using rainwater throughout the rainy season.

KS As Dwarkanath says: “I went to a public event 10 years ago. Then a guest of honor addressed the rainwater harvesting. Hearing the benefits, I thought, why not use rainwater harvesting? Ours is a 35/70 scale. There is no empty space anywhere. There are four rooms in the house. Of these, we have built a 12,000 liter capacity sump for rainwater harvesting in the living room. We are collecting and using rainwater, ” he said.

” We don’t use water from the sewers for three months during the rainy season. The rainwater tank is almost full with frequent falling rain. For three months we use purified rainwater for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing clothes and utensils. This will reduce the cost of water bills, ”says Dwarkanath.

” We had four people living in our house. My wife and I are currently living with two daughters. Thus water consumption is not increased. Rain falls in many days, not only in the rainy season but also in other cases. We use this rainwater for about 60 authorized pots of us, ”he said.

Cleaning the sink

”Outside of the sump, a 2/2 ‘size quilt is built and filled with gravel. The rainwater comes into the sump after it has been purified. Dumping of about 5.50 lakh liters of sump

water into the house for the discharge of the water of the tank is often overflowing with the sump. So we set an alarm to wake the sump as soon as it was full. We turn off the valve immediately. The overall rainwater harvesting method is very useful to us – KS Dwarkanath, Madhavanagar

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