HC seek report on noise pollution from pubs in Indiranagar

The High Court, which has been called by the police to report on the actions taken by Pub and bars in Indiranagar, Bangalore, warned that the city police should be called if it does not take appropriate action.

The public interest petition filed by several civil welfare organizations and residents of the area, including the Defense Colony Residences Association in Indiranagar, seeking action against more than 100 pubs in two kilometers, was filed on Thursday by CJ ASK and NTT. Narendra Prasad’s inquiry came before the division bench.

The bench, which had taken the case, noticed the police report on the actual situation, saying, “This is a common statement. There is no information about the specific measures taken to prevent the noise contamination caused by alcoholic beverages and other activities. It’s not possible to agree. Why are you hesitant to take action even if there is any provision in the law? And did the police officers visit the spot and check for the noise pollution in pubs? ”

The bench, which directed the police to file a detailed certificates on the action taken by the court in June 20, postponed the proceedings.

The Karnataka Environmental Pollution Control Board lawyer said, “The police have no tools to measure the volume of noise pollution.” The court then asked, “Did the police contact KSPCCB to measure the volume of noise pollution in Indira after receiving an application in the High Court?”

The bench observed that no action has been taken on the issue of noise pollution: “If you (police) do not have a noise pollution tool, how do you say that action has been taken?”

“If the police call the public at night, the complaint is that noise pollution will be taken, and what action will the police take? Because KSPCB officials are not available at night. The action of the police neglect is not correct. If this continues, the city police commissioner will be required to call the court and answer it, “Khadak warned.

The lawyer for the petitioner said, “The Excise Commissioner has permitted over 100 pubs and bars in Indiranagar, a residential area. This has caused a lot of noise, air pollution and parking problems in the area, and it is difficult for the public to live. Though the complaint is being made, the police are not taking action, “he said.

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