H5N1 outbreak reported in Dakshin Karnataka


Even as the COVID-19 scare has not died down, the state is bracing up to tackle the H5N1 fever, which is popularly called as the bird flu. The first case of bird flu is reported from Mysuru city and culling operation of fowls will start on Tuesday morning.

According to the authorities, all the fowls in a one-kilometre radius will be culled to stop the spread of the disease. It is suspected that this disease has spread from Kerala to Karnataka.

This news comes as another shocker for the poultry industry, which is already reeling under a huge loss due to the rumours surrounding the COVID-19. The chicken and egg rates are witnessing historical low due to the widespread rumours that corona-virus is spread by eating chicken. This claim has been denied by experts.

Check on imported poultry products

Kodagu: Bird Flu or avian influenza cases have been detected in Kerala state. One case has also been detcetd in Mysuru and with this, Kodagu district administration has plunged into action to avert the spreading of the flu in the district.

Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy has issued an order to ensure no poultry and poulty products are brought into the district without checks.

In this direction, District Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department have been asked to put up check posts with the help of the police at Karike, Kutta and Makutta areas of the district.

With the detection of first case of bird flu, culling of fowls will start in Mysuru city on Tuesday morning.

The poultry business across the state had seen a dip owing to COVID-19 and now the bird flu is expected to hit the business further.

Many regions of Kodagu district share border with Kerala state and Mysuru is very close to Kodagu, which makes the district prone to the influenza.

DC bans sale of eggs, chicken and other chicken food products


Following out break of ‘bird flu’ in Bannikodu village of Harihar taluk in Davanagere district and its official confirmation from the authorized lab tests, Davanagere DC Mahantesh Bilagi who is also the district magistrate, has issued ban orders effecting from Tuesday itself, said an official note from the DC office here. Chicken and its food products including its eggs sales and their transportation is totally banned with in the Bannikodu village limit from 0 km to 1 km, as it is considered as an infected zone. All birds, its eggs and its food products will be totally destroyed in the presence of veternary and animal husbandry officials within the limits of 1 km and up to 10 km, as this region is considered as surveillance zone, the DC said and adding that these orders were issued based on the government guidelines in the interest of public health and their safety measure.

The bird flu out break came to the light when thousands of birds from one poultry farm run by one Abhishekh in Bannikodu village started burying them after their death in his fields on Monday, following the confirmation of the H5 N1 infection from a Bhopal based laboratory exam report.

Deputy director of veternary and animal husbandry Dr Bhaskar Naik said that series of meetings and awareness programs were held in the village headed by the DC and other taluk level officers including Asha workers. Safety and preventive measures to be taken up by the villagers has been explained on door to door campaign on Tuesday involving the village panchayat members, PDO and other elected persons, Naik said. Besides, the killing of birds should be done as per the scientific guidelines and its burial procedure has also been demonstrated to the owners of the birds and poultry farms, Naik added.

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