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By Aaron Kingslee – (Certified) Educational Counsellor

India as a developing economy has been taken by a wave of globalization and there is expansion of urban areas (cities) whereas majority of villages are still undeveloped. The country has a busy population as the standard of living has increased along with the change of life-style which has resulted in spending less time for our kids. The question is “Are we guiding them in the right direction? or Are we giving them the right amount of attention that is needed?”

As parents, everybody would want the best for their children than what they have had, necessities such as food, clothes, education, etc. So, we work hard and the process gets us too busy sometimes or most of the time.

The present generation kids are more likely ignored and get easy access to smartphones and video games which do not contribute to the physical development hence mental health and makes it difficult for them to focus on their curriculum. What solution do we have, as life is different now than it was back in 70s to 90s, and where will the present generation end up where dependency on BPO’s and other foreign companies have increased.

There is a gap which needs to be filled. An intervention is required, so that the people can live more satisfied and end up at the right place which will help countries like ours reach its optimum level of performance that results in improving the country’s standard, leading to faster development. India as a nation has been contributing major percentage of scientists, doctors and engineers globally; still we as a country are behind. May be our people are late at recognizing their area of capabilities.

Are Indians smart? Definitely. So, what are we lacking? Is it the resources, or education, or opportunities? I don’t believe we lack much of this. What we lack is the right guidance.

Most of the Western and European countries have been ahead of us and let’s not forget our neighbor china, which is on a continuous rise. What do they have in common is that their government has given importance to counselling and guidance in the field of education, career and mental health from the early stage of an individual’s life.

I would say, being aware leads to good understanding and is better than the late realizations which lead to regrets. The awareness among the Indians is gradually increasing as the country develops but there are very few institutes that provide guidance in terms of education, syllabus and how this information would benefit at national and international levels. We have lots of opportunities but there is no guidance on grabbing the right opportunity which will benefit us and open more doors to the future.

Indian parents are more focused on the academic performance and want their kids to get good percentage so that it is easy to get good jobs. Even the Indian educational system is based on more theory than being practical till the students enter the colleges.

Every school and college should have career and education counselors who not only deal at administrative level but also are available to students, so that the students can interact and figure out more about the career they are interested in and know how can the studies they have taken help them achieve those goals. All the developed countries have been doing this from the very beginning as it also makes sure that the students are less depressed and free from stress related to education.

Indians now have access to career and education guidance but at a later stage and not everybody has the privilege. It would be more beneficial if such guidance is available in every educational institute in our country as it helps to decide the career path and aim at better goals. Having a direction and knowing what to do is important to grow in the chosen area, as it helps the individual to be more efficient in life.

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