Grenade at KSR belongs to the Army: Police

The grenade that was found at the KSR railway station near Majestic belongs to the Indian Army and was used for training purposes, according to a report from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) submitted to the Railway Protection Force.

On Friday a railway staff found a suspicious object, which was later revealed to be a hand grenade, at the trolley path between tracks near platform 1. Later, it was sent to FSL. Following a thorough examination, FSL handed over the report, stating that the grenade belonged to the army and it was used in training sessions.

The investigation has revealed that defence staff had sent 12 wooden boxes with dummy grenades for training via trains. Since such details cannot be revealed, nobody knew about the parcel. “One grenade might have fallen out from a box. But we are investigating from all angles,” a senior railway police officer said.

Top officials said that the suspicious object was a dummy grenade with no explosive charges inside. The casing had been perforated, negating its use as an explosive.

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