Govt to set up panels to help local youths get jobs in private firms


The government is constituting committees at the district level to ensure that local youth get preference in employment in the private sector, and its directive on reservation in employment for Kannadigas in C and D Groups is implemented, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhu Swamy said on Wednesday.
Responding to JDS MLC Basavaraj Horatti’s demand for implementation of the Sarojini Mahishi report, the minister said the government had already issued the order on reservation in C and D category.

“Private firms that have taken land or other facilities from the government have to provide reservation for Kannadigas in C and D category, and we are taking measures to implement it,” he said.The government cannot make it mandatory For A and B category jobs, but firms have to give priority if local youth are qualified, he said.

Kannada and Culture Minister CT Ravi said Kannadigas must get jobs and also need to be trained to get jobs. “We have to think about this issue emotionally as well as practically, and create an ecosystem,” he said.Horatti pointed out that local youth received priority in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Maharashtra and other states. “How many Kannadigas are working in IT firms? The private sector must  give locals jobs,” he said.

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