Good news for BMTC commuters; fares reduced for short distance travel, AC buses

Bengaluru: People using the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) services in the city for commuting short distances will pay a lower fare with the corporation on Thursday announcing its new tariff.

Citing requests by thousands of passengers who often have a problem with finding change, the BMTC announced that fares for the second stage of travel (2-4 km, each stage equals 2 km of travel), would be reduced from  Rs 12 to  Rs 10 for non air conditioned services. “Around 25% of all our riders fall in the second stage category. About 50% travel between the first two stages (up to 4 km). This reduction will help them,” said Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy.

For users of the premium air conditioned bus services, there is good news as well. The rates of travel for the first stage of two km have been reduced to  Rs 10 from  Rs 15. A further reduction of  Rs 5 has been made in stages 3 and 4, which would benefit those who travel between 6 and 8 km.

However, fares have been raised for those who use BMTC buses to travel longer distances. In ordinary buses, the fares have been hiked by  Rs 1 for travel in the 3rd stage (4-6 km), 6th stage (12-14 km) and 8th stage (16-18 km).

These rates will be effective from midnight on Friday, a statement by BMTC said.

“We will see a reduction in revenue of  Rs 1.5 lakh per day from ordinary buses and  Rs 3 lakh per day from premium buses. We shortly plan on introducing special fares for our Vayu Vajra services to the Kempegowda International Airport as well,

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