Get Ready for Allu Fans!

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is planning his career well. After industry-hit Sarrainodu, there’s no looking back for Bunny and no he hasn’t relaxed. Bunny has now become extra conscious and choosing his moves wisely. Besides selecting good scripts, roles, Bunny knows what’s also required to go extra mile – fans.

Fans’ is key for any star and they play pivotal role in taking star’s stardom to the next level. Keeping this in mind, Allu Arjun is constantly in touch with his fan groups. The latest is that Allu Arjun has called on a few selective fans from various districts and held a secret closed-door meeting in Geetha Arts. None of the mega fans are aware of the development.

Inside information has it that Allu Arjun is going to promote his fans and said Sirish and he’d be constantly in touch with them and available to them whenever needed for any cause or for any event they come up with. The idea is to have Allu fans who would support Arjun & Sirish.

Brother-in-law to take charge

In the meeting, Allu Arjun said to have told his fans to strengthen the fans groups and said his brother-in-law, Sneha Reddy’s cousin would take care of all the activities. Arjun told fans to be in touch with his brother-in-law who would be the POC.

For Mega Star Chiranjeevi, his backbone, his key adviser and troubleshooter too is none other than his brother-in-law Allu Aravind. This is no secret. Be it in his long filmy journey or political stint, Aravind has played key role. Even in Chiru’s comeback Khaidi No.150, Aravind is all along – be it getting permissions for pre-release function or declaring collections’ to media. Aravind said that he’s so happy for his sister Surekha who’s maiden production venture Khaidi No.150 turned out to be blockbuster.

Considering this, Bunny also using his BIL as his . On other hand, he has his father Allu Aravind who’s the mastermind. So, he’s always there for him anytime.

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