Garbage level grows in city

Waste disposal system has become obsolete as citizens do not distribute hay and dry trash. This has resulted in roadside garbage piles in most parts of the city. The garbage is bad as it rains. There is also the danger of spreading the epidemic.

Garbage sorting is mandatory after NGT order. Warnings of heavy fines have been issued. It was a handcuffed hand that failed to collect and dispose of the sorted garbage.

There are currently seven waste treatment plants operating in the policy area. The NGT has stated that it will only transport the sorted garbage to these units, leaving only 400 tonnes. If people have to sort garbage, they can double the amount of waste. Policy officials, however, are not insisting on collecting trash divided by contractors. Only 50% of the garbage collected in the wards is sorted, and the residuals are mixed in dispatch, creating a problem for processing plants.

Due to this problem, most of the garbage collected in the city is transported to the garlic quarry near Yelahanka. Due to lack of space there is not much waste. The work of identifying the replacement space has not yet been undertaken. Although there is a mittagannahalli quarry near the garlic quarry, locals have opposed the garbage. In addition, two educational institutes are operating close to the quarry, and thousands of students object that it is not right to throw garbage near the place of learning.

Roadside Garbage:

The volume of garbage shipped to Bellahalli quarry is seen on the roadside. Only the garbage collected from the major areas is being disposed of and the waste hill is beginning to appear elsewhere. Although the waste was collected on Sunday, only civilian workers received dry trash for the most part. Much of the garbage already stored for 2-3 days remains in auto tippers. Even though garbage was collected on Monday, shipping was difficult.

Back to sorting in commercial areas:

The garbage disposal system has been extended to residential and commercial areas. But, in most cases, garbage is being collected in a mixed form. The garbage generated at thousands of stores in the city’s main commercial area, the CBD, is being poured directly onto the road. The work of filling it into a tipper at night and carrying it to the quarry did not break. There are objections in the area around Chikkapete-Wadapete that many lorries are being transported in mixed trash.

The natives who were drawn to the fight

The Mittagannahalli quarry has been vehemently opposed by the locals for bringing waste into the range. After the completion of the quarry, Bellakalli has heard that the militant has turned his attention to Mittaghanahalli. Pouring out all the city’s waste on one side will ruin our yard and garden. The smell of houses cannot be absorbed. It is not right to bring garbage into the village, unless the policy is to find a way to dispose of the garbage. Local youths have responded that they would not hesitate to fight against it.

Since the garlic quarry is full of garbage, I wrote to DCM on May 20 to search for other areas. The policy commissioner has been asked to invite short-term tenders, but this has not been implemented yet. Immediate steps will be taken to

dispose of garbage that remains for 2-3 days – Ganagambike Mallikarjun, BBMP MayorMittagannahalli has appealed for the party not to dump garbage, but has not responded yet. If garbage is not allowed, we will protest if the quarry comes to waste – Nanjegowda KC, Bangalore North The former vice-president of

Chief Minister instructed the BBMP commissioner to solve the garbage problem

within three working days.

CM summoned the commissioners to their residence and discussed the issue of garbage disposal for a few days. Garbage disposal should be promptly implemented and trash disposal system should be identified. Officers should be provided with information on where the garbage problem is located in the city. Yeddyurappa has instructed the commissioners to work with the contractors so that people will not be disturbed.

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